Gitzo GT2545T Traveler Carbon eXact Fiber tripod碳纖維三腳架




Gitzo 推出全新 Traveler 系列腳架,腳管全線採用Carbon eXact 比起 Carbon 6X 腳管剛性更強;全新 Traveler G-lock 佔用長度更少、鎖力更強;全新腳釘採用新形狀,接觸面更闊更穩定,滿足更高的拍攝需求。Carbon eXact 腳管使用高模量 (High Modulus) 碳纖維製作,比起 Carbon 6X 腳管剛性更強,加上直徑更粗,令腳架更穩固可靠,即使同為 1 號三腳架,新版本相比起舊版本擁有更佳抗震性及剛性。以 1 號 5 節型號為例,最後一節腳管為 11.2mm,舊型號為 8mm,足足增加 40%。專為 Traveler 而設計更小巧的扭鎖,比起舊 G-Lock 縮減長度,令腳架可以做到更高開啟高度同時保持收合長度;扭鎖更合符人體力學,操作更舒適,內含防塵 O-Ring,大大減少需要清潔腳架的機會。

Traveler 三腳架有兩段腳管角度選擇,而標準中軸可以替換成附送的短中軸,方便作超低角度拍攝。
2 號 Traveler 使用可更換腳釘,用家可以隨時更換成其他腳釘或金屬腳釘。此外,隨腳架更附送原裝意大利皮革腳架帶,滿足攜帶和拍攝中移動的需要。

The Gitzo GT2545T Series 2 Traveler carbon fiber tripod is the strongest professional, headless 4-section travel support with an 180° leg folding system pioneered by Gitzo, which enables its legs to reverse-fold around the center column and an optional ball head, allowing it to fold down to 44.5 cm.
The GT2545T weighs 1.33 Kg, is taller than its predecessor, extending to a height of 154.5 cm and holds up to 12 kg of gear. It is recommended for use with 200mm lenses (300mm maximum). With its included short center column inserted, the tripod gets down to 22 cm for low-angle or macro shots.
This tripod has the largest tube diameters in the Traveler range. It features Carbon eXact legs for superior strength and stiffness and the “Traveler G-lock” – a travel-size version of Gitzo’s G-lock, specifically designed to ensure security in more compact tripods. Its specially-designed rubber feet are easily interchangeable with Gitzo’s optional feet (e.g. spikes, large feet). The Gitzo GT2545T has a 1/4″ and 3/8″ top attachment to easily attach heads or other accessories and comes with its own shoulder strap for comfortable carrying. It is the ideal tripod for professional photographers who use longer lenses or require the highest stability on the move.
Weight 1.335 Kg
Top Attachment 1/4″ screw,3/8″ screw attachmenttype
Carrying Bag Included none
Centre Column rapid
Closed Length 44.5 cm
Colour Noir Decor color
Easy Link No
Leg Type Single
Leg Angles 25°, 70°
Leg Lock Type Twist Lock
Leg Section 4 number
Legs Tube Diameter 18.2,21.7,25.3,29 mm
Material Carbon
Max Height 154.5 cm
Maximum Height (with Center Column Down) 131 cm
MaximumWorking Temperature 60 degC
Min Height 22 cm
Minimum Working Temperature -30 degC
Safety Payload 12 kg
Upper Disc Diameter 42 mm



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